Avonmore Tertiary Institute | Education & Training Programmes in New Zealand

Kia ora, ni hao, namaste and hello!!

Avonmore began, many years ago in a small spare room above the hair salon of founder Margaret Yates and son Karl. Since 1988 the company has grown, had some good times and undergone some tough ones to come out the other side better, brighter and stronger than before. Today we are one of New Zealand’s top providers in private tertiary education, employ over 50 staff and have campuses across the country.

From the beginning we’ve been a hands on, get-a-bit-grubby (if you have to), think outside the square kind of place and we want to give our students the skills industries want, so that they can get those great new jobs they’ve been dreaming about.

We have tutors here at Avonmore changing teaching up, making it practical and giving that personalised touch, just so they can give their students the best chance possible of finding employment. Recently, one of our tutors Bernie was seen giving his shoes to a student so they could go to an interview looking nice and tidy. Truly, we’re keeping Bernie on, and Avonmore wouldn’t be what it is today without our amazing tutors, who take our students to the next level.

Courses Offered:
Freight & Warehousing,
IT & Computer Networking,
Office Administration & Reception,

North Shore,

Avonmore Tertiary Institute | Education & Training Programmes in New Zealand is produced for Avonmore Tertiary Institute – Avonmore Tertiary Institute | Education & Training Programmes in New Zealand – http://avonmore.ac.nz

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