Y3000 – The Smallest 720p Camcorder In The World (in 2011)

A review of the Y3000 HD Mini camera. *THIS IS A VIDEO FROM APRIL 2011*
BUY ONE BELOW (For full List – CLICK SHOW MORE)……but if I were you I’d BUY THIS 1080P cam Instead- http://goo.gl/KpKO9K
UK: http://goo.gl/Nn8jgW US: http://goo.gl/3gNHdn
AT: http://goo.gl/NycSYd
AU: http://goo.gl/00WVAI
BE: http://goo.gl/IFFQTQ
CA: http://goo.gl/9t9PLS
CH: http://goo.gl/VnQf3J
DE: http://goo.gl/18L48t
ES: http://goo.gl/mtWNlg
FR: http://goo.gl/Zcs5Z5
IE: http://goo.gl/8JZiJa
IT: http://goo.gl/OmFnQ0
NL: http://goo.gl/Yx5ItI
For how to DELETE THE TIME STAMP & other info – see here http://goo.gl/jQVpZ

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